Our products enable commercial concrete floor return to work after only 1 day, thus saving much time and money to the contractor and client. Designed for maximum resistance to abrasion (3X more than the 100% epoxy) and a long-term sustainability, concrete coating products used by Wisconsin Coating Specialists are ideal for areas with heavy traffic requiring minimal maintenance. Our products don’t need to be waxed or polished and are completely waterproof and resistant to the vast majority of chemicals.

Our concrete floors products have been used repeatedly to:

  • Commercial garage

  • Showroom

  • Underground parking

  • Airplane hangars

  • Warehouse

  • Shopping centers


Often in commercial establishments, the maintenance cost of any coating can become very expensive. The financial investment for cleaning, waxing and polishing must be considered when it comes time to evaluate the various possibilities. The combination of superior adhesion and durability of our coating combined with increased resistance to many chemicals greatly reduces the chances of seeing the floor deteriorate and having to make a continuous maintenance on it.